Testing Laboratories

Testing and Information Systems

The Testing and Information Systems Laboratory is qualified to carry out quality assessment tests on software and desktop, web, mobile devices and embedded systems. TESTS PERFORMED Functional and non-functional software assessments for: Tests on embedded systems; Automated tests using test equipment; Hardware compatibility tests; Performance and load tests. REQUEST A QUOTATION

Welding and Thermal Aspersion

Lactec’s Welding and Thermal Aspersion Laboratory is dedicated to supporting research projects, with emphasis on the area of ​​welding processes and material evaluation for the industry. It involves the development of processes and special materials and alloys with applications in thermal or hydraulic power generation systems. The laboratory also develops and deposits coatings resistant to …

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Radiography and Industrial Tomography

The Radiography and Industrial Tomography Laboratory performs analyzes and evaluations of the internal structure of materials in general by means of digital industrial radiography, as well as reconstructions in three dimensions (3D) of the shape of the internal objects that constitute the material by means of digital industrial tomography. Evaluates voids or incorporation of aggregates …

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Lactec’s Microscopy Laboratory acts on the surface evaluation of polymeric metallic materials. The laboratory is equipped for the preparation of samples for the evaluation of these surfaces, with optical microscopes for reflection and transmission and scanning electron microscopes with a dispersive energy detector (EDS) for semiquantitative analysis of the elemental chemical composition of surfaces. TESTS …

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Lactec’s Hydraulics Laboratories – experimental and computational – works in the construction of reduced physical models and mathematical modeling. The Laboratory of Experimental Hydraulics (reduced physical models) carries out hydraulic studies of hydroelectric utilization in reduced physical models. It has an area of ​​approximately 12,000 m2, with a simultaneous stable pumping capacity of 1,500 L …

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Mechanical Testing

Lactec’s Mechanical Testing Laboratory performs tests on components and structures, with the possibility of carrying out some field tests. It aims to identify the behavior of these components in order to develop a structural integrity analysis. It brings together a list of test techniques, listed below, which can be applied alone or together. TESTS PERFORMED …

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Polymer Testing and Thermal Analysis

The Lactec Polymer Testing and Thermal Analysis Laboratory provides consulting services and laboratory tests. In addition, it participates in research and development (R&D) projects in new materials to serve segments such as industry and the electric sector. The laboratory’s infrastructure allows the execution of thermal, physical-chemical and mechanical analyses in several material types, with emphasis …

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Cable and Accessories Testing

The Cable and Accessories Testing Laboratory performs mechanical and dynamic tests for transmission and distribution lines. In addition to being a support point for research and development projects, it operates in the areas of medium and high voltage electrical conductors, shock absorbers and insulators for transmission lines, cable-stayed for towers and vibration tests for the …

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User Experience and Design

The User Experience and Design Laboratory is capable of carrying out tests and evaluations of usability and user experience considering software, applications and products. TESTS PERFORMED User experience applied to desktop, web and applications software; User experience applied to products; Paper prototypes (wireframes, screens not yet implemented); Prototypes (digital and three-dimensional); Comparative usability tests (benchmarking); …

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Metallographic Analysis

The Laboratory of Metallographic Analysis performs several tests on metals and metallic alloys in attendance to several market sectors, among them the electrical and the industrial. TESTS PERFORMED Rockwell or Brinnel hardness check; Verification of Vickers microhardness; Thickness measurement by metallography; Thickness measurement by the magnetic field method; Metallographic test to determine the macro or …

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Análises de Materiais Lactec

Material Analysis

Lactec’s Materials Laboratory is part of a wide structure focused on the characterization and analysis of materials of the most diverse types, with special attention to polymers and metals. This structure, made up of several laboratories, complements and assists in specialized customer service, having tests based on both current standards and internal analysis methodologies. Also …

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Lactec’s Biology Laboratory pays special attention to invasive aquatic species, flora, terrestrial fauna, and all fish species, the ichthyofauna. It carries out procedures such as screening, identification, biometrics, conservation and taxidermy of samples collected in the field. It carries out experiments and biological studies that determine methodologies for reproduction, feeding and species control. TESTS PERFORMED …

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Chemical Analysis

Lactec’s Chemical Analysis Laboratory is part of a broad laboratory structure focused on the characterization and analysis of chemical compounds in materials. This complementary and integrated structure enables specialized customer service, with tests based on current standards or internal analysis methodologies. Discover also the services provided by: Atomic Absorption Laboratory Chromatography and Infrared Spectroscopy Laboratory …

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Industrial Lubricating Oil Analysis

Industrial lubricating oils are analyzed and evaluated at Lactec based on national and international standards. Through advanced techniques, diagnostics and report emissions are also made on the lubricating fluids used for the cooling and lubrication of industrial equipment, such as turbines, speed regulators and compressors. TESTS PERFORMED Routine analyzes: Neutralization index; Color; Sparkling characteristics – …

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Insulating Oil Analysis

The Oil Laboratory operates in the analysis and evaluation of insulating fluids, such as insulating mineral oil (OMI), insulating vegetable oil (OVI) and silicone, used for the cooling and insulation of electrical equipment. Based on advanced techniques and national and international regulatory standards, it makes diagnoses and reports on the conditions of insulating fluids and …

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Air Quality and Atmospheric Emissions

Lactec’s Air Quality and Atmospheric Emissions Laboratory aims to meet the environmental needs of the market in the control and preservation of air quality. Air quality monitoring allows the monitoring of trends and changes in air quality, resulting from atmospheric changes and the level of pollutant emissions. In partnership with companies and environmental agencies, the …

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Lactec has a laboratory with a complete infrastructure for testing and chemical analysis of physical, morphological, structural, and electrical composition in batteries. It operates in research and development (R&D) projects focused on energy storage systems linked to smart grids, the use of renewable energies such as photovoltaic energy, and the application of fuel cells. It …

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Chromatography and Infrared Spectroscopy

The Laboratory of Chromatography and Infrared Spectroscopy performs analysis of organic and inorganic compounds present in matrixes such as soil, air, water, polymeric parts, industrial solvents and insulating mineral oil. For this, it uses equipment with different detection systems: flame ionization (FID), electron capture (ECD), thermal conductivity (TCD) and flame photometric (FPD). The results obtained …

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Laboratório de Concreto e Estruturas

Concrete and Structures Laboratory

Lactec’s Concrete and Structures Laboratory is designed for analysis, development and qualification of materials used in civil construction, as well as for the execution of tests and evaluations referring to conventional and innovative constructive systems, following up-to-date and efficient technology, such as scanning optical microscopy investigations, with applications of up to 10 thousand times, and …

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Dielectric Compatibility

The Dielectric Compatibility Laboratory performs services, consulting and research and development (R&D) projects focused on the electrical, industrial, automotive, oil and gas, civil construction, and telecommunications sectors in electro-electronics. The wide market coverage, together with its calibrated equipment, qualified professionals and the possibility of creating special analysis methodologies in materials and equipment, provide Lactec with …

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compatibilidade eletromagnética

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Lactec’s Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory works with tests and measurements of low and high-frequency electromagnetic disturbances and phenomena. It provides services in cause and effect studies and standardized tests. For Lactec’s clients, contracting services in this laboratory is the guarantee of quality and accuracy in the measurements of acceptable emission limits and immunity of the equipment …

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The Geotechnics Laboratory performs tests in the areas of soil mechanics, rock mechanics, engineering geology, geotechnical monitoring and instrumentation, unsaturated soils, and environmental geotechnics. Lactec also offers the installation of field laboratories for on-site technological control. It also carries out geotechnical research and monitoring, conventional and special field and laboratory tests for industries, public and …

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The Luminotechnics Laboratory of Lactec carries out compulsory tests in compliance with the national norms and regulations in force, such as: LED lamps; Compact fluorescent lamps; High-pressure sodium vapor lamps; Electromagnetic reactors for metal vapor lamps; Electromagnetic ballasts for sodium vapor lamps. We also have the ability to perform tests in: Luminaires for internal use; …

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Laboratório de Metrologia

Metrology Laboratory

Lactec’s Metrology Laboratory is qualified to handle tests and calibrations, using standards and equipment of high accuracy with metrological traceability in the main national agencies, establishing links with the units of the International System (IS). It has services accredited by the Brazilian Calibration Network (RBC)* and by the Brazilian Network of Testing Laboratories (RBLE)*, in …

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Vehicle Emissions

The Vehicle Emissions Laboratory carries out combustion gas emissions tests on chassis benches for motorcycles and vehicles with diesel or Otto cycle engines. It acts in the area of bench tests for combustion engines, in the determination of gaseous and particulate emissions, durability for the evaluation of engine components, performance and fuel consumption. TESTS PERFORMED …

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High Voltage

With one of the most modern structures in the country, the High Voltage Laboratory stands out for its performance with companies and institutions in the research of technological solutions for the improvement of electrical equipment and systems. It actively participates in the development and quality control of electrical equipment and instruments, performing routine, type, and …

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Waters and Effluents

The Waters and Effluents Laboratory performs physical and chemical tests, either in the laboratory or in the field, to evaluate water quality, for companies or individuals. These tests are performed on samples of liquids and effluents, industrial or domestic, evaluating its characteristics and the best way to carry out its disposal or fluvial release. TESTS …

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Atomic Absorption

The Atomic Absorption Laboratory determines and quantifies the existence of metals in solid materials such as paper and polymers, metals and metal alloys and vegetable and mineral oils. In compliance with the norms of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), the laboratory also prepares solid samples for classification (ABNT NBR 10.005 and ABNT NBR …

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Os dados de Sensoriamento Remoto (SR) são úteis para estudos e levantamentos de recursos naturais, agricultura, planejamento urbano, entre outros. A LACTEC oferece uma variedade de imagens de sensoriamento remoto, são elas: imagens orbitais, imagens ou mapeamento a partir de drones ou vants. Deseja saber mais? Entre em contato.  

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O Lactec desenvolve realidade virtual e aumentada com o objetivo de tornar a experiência de compra, em treinamentos e em sala de aulas mais interessantes. Na realidade virtual criação de modelagem de equipamentos e inserção em ambiente de simulação e passeios virtuais (tour 360º). Na realidade aumentada, a criação de catálogos interativos e suporte para ações de marketing e design de produtos. Na Modelagem Tridimensional usa-se o perfilamento a laser que permite a reconstrução matemática de objetos, equipamentos, edificações e plantas industriais. Ainda é possível criar uma simulação de rompimento de barragens. Deseja saber mais? Entre em contato.


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Nesta área oferecemos levantamento Topográficos e Geodésicos para fins de obras de engenharia, regularização fundiária, apoio terrestre e outras aplicações. Levantamento Batimétrico que mapeia de forma precisa fundos de massas d'água para suporte a empreendimentos hidrelétricos, hidrovias e outros, instalações subaquáticas e recuperação de assoreamento. Perfilamento a Laser Terrestre o método mais empregado para para servir a estudos de modelagem tridimensional de edificações e reconstrução de projetos. Deseja saber mais? Entre em contato.  

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O Lactec desenvolve sistemas de informação geográfica que podem integrar com outros sistemas de gestão. Além disso, oferecemos soluções baseadas em inteligência geográfica associada a sistemas inteligência espacial, big data, técnicas de machine learning, AI, gerando ferramentas de gestão integrada. Deseja saber mais? Entre em contato.  

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