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Virtual Reality Systems

With development projects for virtual reality environments, your company can gain time and cost savings in training processes and simulations. APPLICATIONS Among the possible applications of virtual reality systems, we highlight: Study of layout for the implementation of new lines or reconditioning of existing transmission lines; Operation and maintenance training in electrical equipment based on …

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Cyber Security

Cyber security is a topic that is gaining more and more space in all sectors. Lactec’s extensive experience in the electrical sector includes the development of security-related research projects in smart grid projects. In this business model, data transmissions between the concessionaire and the consumer take place in the cloud and extra layers of security …

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Intelligent Networks Based on Internet of Things (IoT)

With projects that use intelligent networks based on Internet of Things (IoT), your company can gain from: Greater reliability; Optimization of time and operational costs; Reduction in the time of service to occurrences; Asset management system; APPLICATIONS Among the possible applications of intelligent networks based on Internet of Things (IoT), we highlight: Autonomous equipment; Intelligent …

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Energy Planning

The research line in energy planning models, simulates and analyses data from various sources in the areas of generation, transmission and distribution of the electricity sector with the objective of providing qualified information for decision making by the customer. Lactec’s activities in this area include: Energy trading; Hydro-thermic Dispatch; Time Series Forecast; Optimization; Non-linear programming; …

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Development of Experimental Devices and Prototypes

Lactec researchers answer questions, problems, and challenges of the daily routine of companies to overcome market expectations and make products increasingly competitive and innovative. This is why part of the R&D projects developed at Lactec generates accessory or equipment prototypes applied to several sectors of the economy. PROJECTS With an emphasis on mechanics, electrics, electronics, …

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Electrical Mobility

Electric mobility is a trend that is not going away, and Lactec is ready to participate in this paradigm shift, supporting R&D projects with energy concessionaires, car manufacturers and other industrial partners. Customers can count on Lactec for projects in areas such as: Electro-stations for vehicles with slow, semi-fast and fast charge; Management and communication …

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Integrity and Instrumentation of Structures and Equipment

With projects aimed at structural integrity analysis of equipment, components, and structures, your company can benefit from: Determination of remaining useful life of equipment; Improvement of components and structures; Failure prediction; Reduction in operation and maintenance costs. APPLICATIONS Among the possible applications of structural integrity analysis projects, we highlight: Monitoring of pressure vessels by acoustic …

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Energy Storage Systems

With energy storage system projects, your company can benefit from: Mitigation of intermittence in the distribution of energy from alternative sources; Investments postponement in substation expansion and overloaded lines at peak times; Reduction in the duration and frequency of interruption rates (DEC and FEC); Optimization of the dispatch by means of energy storage systems. APPLICATIONS …

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Remote Monitoring and Sensor Systems

With remote monitoring and sensor system designs, your company can benefit from: Reduction in time and operating costs to detect, locate and correct the power outage; Reduction in the duration and frequency of interruption rates (DEC and FEC); Low cost sensors for feeders in rural areas; APPLICATIONS Among the possible applications of remote monitoring and …

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Information Technology Solutions

The information technology market has proven to be one of the most challenging in the field of research and development. This is because, in addition to the search for increasingly interactive products, the innovation demanded in solutions, systems, and applications require, in addition to great technical knowledge, agility in presenting results. Lactec is a major …

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Mechanical Systems

The research and development projects in mechanical systems developed at Lactec have a strong link with the electrical sector and industry in general. From the multidisciplinary work developed by researchers in the field of mechanics, our clients have concrete results of research, development, and complementary tests. They have access to the latest technologies and new …

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Electrical and Electronic Systems (Embedded Electronics)

The electrical sector continuously deals with changes in its operating regulation and the market. Research is essential in this scenario to make energy use accessible to all and to contribute to lower tariffs. These aspects can cause profound technical economic impacts in all phases of the sector, notably: generation, commercialization, transmission, distribution, and consumption of …

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Conventional and Alternative Building Systems

Lactec develops research to evaluate the performance of materials and innovative construction systems, improving and streamlining manufacturing processes, such as products, and construction systems. Lactec’s expertise serves, in particular, the inspection and technological control of large-scale works, such as dams and other structures of hydroelectric power plants. Other cases are the monitoring and instrumentation of …

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Smart Grid

Electric cars powered in the garage of the house, energy savings through intelligent systems and devices, online monitoring of energy consumption, residential electrical network integrated with alternative energy sources, automatic detection and correction of power shortages and cities transformed by automation and energy efficiency. These are some of the innovations that the market is gaining …

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Technology in Materials

With an emphasis on materials, chemistry, mechanics and civil construction, the research dedicated to materials technologies is directed to the development, diagnosis, and their respective solutions, using methodologies, procedures, and tests for characterization, degradation analysis and aging of materials, both in the laboratory and in the field, being applied in electrical systems and the metal, …

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Renewable and Alternative Energies

Regulatory frameworks, environmental concerns, and the growing economic viability of alternative energy sources drive the increased use of distributed generation in the Brazilian electrical system and bring challenges in the areas of energy processing, conditioning, and storage in connection with the energy distribution network. In this scenario, customers wishing to invest in these modals can …

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Environmental Planning and Management

Lactec carries out research that helps environmental planning and management aiming at the sustainable development of productive activities, always with less impact on the environment. This work is carried out through the implementation of mathematical-computational models, surveys, monitoring, and diagnosis of changes in the physical, biotic, and anthropic means. The activities carried out include the …

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Hydraulic Structures and Hydrology

Lactec maintains a tradition of more than 60 years in the development of research projects aimed at hydraulic structures and hydrology. Studies include the evaluation of hydraulic performance and hydropower arrangements, with the construction of reduced models of hydropower plants and other hydraulic enterprises.

Os dados de Sensoriamento Remoto (SR) são úteis para estudos e levantamentos de recursos naturais, agricultura, planejamento urbano, entre outros. A LACTEC oferece uma variedade de imagens de sensoriamento remoto, são elas: imagens orbitais, imagens ou mapeamento a partir de drones ou vants. Deseja saber mais? Entre em contato.


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O Lactec desenvolve realidade virtual e aumentada com o objetivo de tornar a experiência de compra, em treinamentos e em sala de aulas mais interessantes. Na realidade virtual criação de modelagem de equipamentos e inserção em ambiente de simulação e passeios virtuais (tour 360º). Na realidade aumentada, a criação de catálogos interativos e suporte para ações de marketing e design de produtos. Na Modelagem Tridimensional usa-se o perfilamento a laser que permite a reconstrução matemática de objetos, equipamentos, edificações e plantas industriais. Ainda é possível criar uma simulação de rompimento de barragens. Deseja saber mais? Entre em contato.


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Nesta área oferecemos levantamento Topográficos e Geodésicos para fins de obras de engenharia, regularização fundiária, apoio terrestre e outras aplicações. Levantamento Batimétrico que mapeia de forma precisa fundos de massas d'água para suporte a empreendimentos hidrelétricos, hidrovias e outros, instalações subaquáticas e recuperação de assoreamento. Perfilamento a Laser Terrestre o método mais empregado para para servir a estudos de modelagem tridimensional de edificações e reconstrução de projetos. Deseja saber mais? Entre em contato.


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O Lactec desenvolve sistemas de informação geográfica que podem integrar com outros sistemas de gestão. Além disso, oferecemos soluções baseadas em inteligência geográfica associada a sistemas inteligência espacial, big data, técnicas de machine learning, AI, gerando ferramentas de gestão integrada.

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