A avaliação do solo dá embasamento a estudos ambientais diversos. Quando o solo é analisado como corpo tridimensional na paisagem, a Pedologia é a ciência responsável por tratar dos estudos relacionados com a identificação, formação, classificação e mapeamento dos solos (KER et al., 2012). Esse ramo da ciência inclui aplicações em diversas outras áreas, como […]

Qualidade do Ar e Emissões Atmosféricas

O Lactec atua há mais de 20 anos na operação de estações automáticas de monitoramento da qualidade do ar e na avaliação continua dos dados obtidos em relação aos padrões estabelecidos pelas resoluções vigentes. Atua, também, nos serviços de operação, manutenção preventiva, verificação e calibração de analisadores contínuos, usados no monitoramento da qualidade do ar, […]


“Hydrology is the science that deals with water on Earth, its occurrence, circulation and distribution, its physical and chemical properties and its reaction with the environment, including its relationship with living forms” (Tucci, 1993, p. 25). Hydrology supports environmental and energy studies, urban planning for different human activities (hydroelectric plants, basin committees, city halls, civil […]

Design and User Experience

Lactec acts on design and user experience, seeking to understand, analyze and evaluate people’s experience when they use certain products, verifying how design influences the ease of use and commercialization of these products. The performance takes place in several stages of product development: Ergonomic evaluation of products; Planning, execution and analysis of results of Usability […]

Software Development, Quality and Testing

With a team composed of professionals certified by the International Software Testing Qualification Board, it works with software and products for everyday use, checking if the system reaches its specifications and features for the designed environment. One of the methods used to guarantee quality is the Usability Test, applied in a laboratory with a mirror […]

Conservation and Biodiversity

Lactec has been operating in the area of Conservation and Biodiversity since the first half of the 2000s, with a focus on developing actions and solutions for different business sectors, especially for the electricity sector. Area of action: Fauna Preparation of a Work Plan for obtaining environmental authorizations from regulatory agencies; Diagnosis of terrestrial and […]

Ecotoxicology and Ecophysiology

Ecotoxicology (also called environmental toxicology) is the science that studies the toxic, qualitative, quantitative and integrated effects of natural or synthetic substances on living organisms, animals or plants, aquatic or terrestrial, including their interactions with the environment (TRUHAUT, 1977). Ecophysiology, in turn, is the study of the physiological adaptation of organisms to different environmental conditions, […]

Environmental Studies and Licensing

Lactec has a trained multidisciplinary team, which will assist in the preparation of environmental studies and in the necessary document preparation to subsidize environmental licensing processes for different types of projects and activities. In view of the vast Brazilian environmental legal framework, the entrepreneur needs to be attentive and follow a series of administrative procedures […]

Greenhouse gas studies

Lactec works in studies of climate change, including the topic of greenhouse gases. Development of methodology and measurement of greenhouse gases (GHG) in hydroelectric reservoirs; Development of equipment for continuous monitoring of greenhouse gases; Development of autonomous gas measurement vehicles; Studies of emission and measurement of gases in sediments; Analysis of the trend of hydrological […]

Invasive Species and Bioincrustration

Research on invasive species and bio-encrustation started at Lactec in 2003, especially aimed at the electricity sector. Our research group currently has been developing projects for various sectors, aimed at preventing the introduction and mitigating impacts of invasive aquatic species, focusing on the golden mussel. The work involves the detection and diagnosis of bioinvasion in […]

Mathematical-computational modeling of flows

Computational modeling of river, coastal and hydraulic flows is one of the services provided by Lactec. The specialized technical services for the area are: Computational modeling of flows downstream from plants to guide the location of fish ladders; Studies of dam breaks to delimit flooding areas; Study of flows located in hydraulic structures; Fluvial runoff […]

Socioeconomic and Cultural Heritage Studies

Socioeconomic Studies Lactec has a trained team, which seeks with the support of partner companies when necessary, to subsidize environmental licensing processes with the prerogatives demanded by socioeconomic aspects. Socioeconomics is a branch of economic science, which is concerned with the relationship between social and economic factors and how this interaction affects society. For this […]

Technical Advisory and Environmental Expertise

Lactec has a multidisciplinary and highly trained team, which seeks to apply and adapt the best methods to each case, assisting in the preparation of expertise and technical assistance for the different institutions of the Judiciary. Our team acts in response to the needs indicated in the document of the Federal Public Ministry entitled “Valuation […]

Monitoring for asset management in projects

Maintaining an enterprise requires continuous monitoring. Lactec offers a series of monitoring services that combine high technical capacity and cutting edge technology to assist your company in asset management. Check it out: Analysis of failures in mechanical components; Monitoring of operation of transformers and detection of partial discharges by acoustic emission (AE); Extensometry tests, strain […]

Sediment transport and silting of channels, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and estuaries

Lactec works on the theme of sediment transport and silting of reservoirs with river, environmental and reservoir studies involving sediment transport. The services provided in the area are: Flushing study of reservoir sediments; Study of sediment transport in bypass tunnels; Study on sedimentation in reservoirs; Study of the stability of coatings and rockfill protections; Distributed […]

Environmental hydraulics and fish transposition

Lactec provides services in the areas of environmental hydraulics and fish transposition, focusing on: Mitigation study of the fish trapping problem downstream of spillways; Studies of the change in the morphology of the bed of estuaries and reservoirs; Hydraulic studies in a reduced model of fish transposition systems.    In case of doubt, send an […]

Reduced models of hydroelectric plants and other hydraulic developments

Lactec maintains a tradition of more than fifty years in serving reduced models of hydroelectric plants and other hydraulic developments. It carries out studies for the assessment of hydraulic performance and hydroelectric arrangements, involving tests on a reduced model of spillways, water intakes and river diversion structures. Hydraulic studies of hydroelectric projects in reduced physical […]

Hydrological and hydrodynamic studies for hydroelectric developments

The hydrological and hydrodynamic studies carried out by Lactec guide the preparation of feasibility reports and dam projects. Also included are studies of inundation and floods caused by natural phenomena or rupture of dams, considering the forecast and regionalization of flows for use in scarce data locations. Studies for the construction of dams and the […]

Extended reality | Three-dimensional modeling

VIRTUAL REALITY TRAINING IN RISK OPERATIONS, THROUGH IMMERSIVE SIMULATION Equipment modeling and insertion in a simulation environment (graphic engine), generating the training phases immersively. Resource savings, safety in instructional processes. RV | SIMULATION | THREE-DIMENSIONAL MODELING | RISK OPERATIONS | IMMERSION VIRTUAL TOURS 360° immersion tour in indoor environments with virtual reality. 360° TOUR | […]

Land and Hydrographic Surveys

TOPOGRAPHIC AND GEODESIC SURVEYS Field survey for purposes of engineering works, land regularization, Rural Environmental Registry, georeferencing of properties, land support for aerial surveys. Latest equipment, with precision compatible with Brazilian Standards. TOPOGRAPHY | GEODESIA | MILIMETRIC PRECISION | CAR | GEORREFERENCING BATIMETRIC SURVEYS Accurate mapping of water bodies (rivers, lagoons, reservoirs), using ecobathimeters and […]

Geographic Information Systems Solutions – GIS

DEVELOPMENT OF GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS Web, mobile, and cloud solutions, customized according to demand, GIS are data management systems that promote a spatial vision of projects, which can be integrated with other management systems. GIS | GIS | TERRITORIAL MANAGEMENT | SPATIALIZED DECISION | INTERACTIVE DASHBOARDS SOLUTIONS BASED ON GEOGRAPHICAL INTELLIGENCE Geographic information associated with […]

Remote Sensor ꟾ Geoprocessing

AEROTRANSPORTED LASER PROFILE AND AEROPHOTOGRAPHY Lactec is the pioneer in the use of laser profiling in Brazil. Today, it operates the ALTM Pegasus (Optech Incorporated) with a frequency of up to 500 kHz, Full-waveform Digitizer system with 12 bits, recording all the returns of the laser pulse. Simultaneously, the sensor operates the D-8900 digital aerophotogrammetric […]

Application areas

ENGINEERING WORKS Dimensional monitoring of structures, such as dams, bridges and viaducts, floors and others Three-dimensional modeling of equipment and buildings from laser profiling Virtual tours in indoor and outdoor environments   ELECTRIC ENERGY Transmission line management systems Support and planning systems for low and medium voltage distribution network lines Spatial precision system for electricity […]


Lactec conducts field and laboratory geotechnical tests to determine the mechanical properties of soils to assist research and companies. Develops data acquisition routines for laboratory tests and performs geotechnical instrumentation of earth dams, considering execution, acquisition and interpretation of data. Learn more about our specialized technical services: Geotechnical instrumentation of slopes and containment works with […]

Recovery of concrete structures

Lactec has recognized experience in developing technologies for the recovery of concrete structures with the application of polymeric materials. This application assists in the recovery of resistance (bearing capacity) and tightness of large structures subject to infiltrations caused by concrete failure. The injection service of polyurethane, cementitious, epoxy and acrylic resins in reinforced concrete structures […]

Qualification of construction products

Lactec evaluates the performance of materials aimed at civil construction and the construction of electricity distribution networks. Tests are carried out to qualify soils and materials such as sand, gravel, cement, steel rods, fresh and hardened concrete, ceramic and cement blocks, paving pieces, cast iron plugs, extruded profile, mortar and rocks. The entire conformity assessment […]

Technological Control and Supervision of Works

Lactec has been engaged in the construction of large hydraulic projects since 1975, when it collaborated in the construction of the Foz do Areia Hydroelectric Plant, with an installed capacity of 2,500 MW, located on the Iguaçu River, in Paraná. Through Owner’s Engineering (EP), Lactec provides trained technical teams to act in technological control and […]

Preparation of Dam Safety Plan

Lactec has a team with experience in preparing Dam Safety Plans and Emergency Action Plans (PAE) for hydraulic dams, requirements of the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel). In general, Dam Safety Plans must present the work proposed by the company to avoid failures from monitoring the structure. PAEs, on the other hand, allow that, in […]

Special electrical measurements and tests in the field

Lactec performs special electrical tests on high voltage electrical equipment in the field. This allows the diagnosis of incipient faults as a support to the preventive maintenance process by providing data on the status and remaining life of the equipment. In addition, it performs measurements of electrical quantities that require specific technology in relation to […]

Evaluation and diagnosis of grounding systems

Electrical grounding results from the need to protect against damage caused by lightning strikes and the dissipation of accumulated static electricity. Therefore, the connection to the earth has a fundamental role in the correct operation of the energy generation, transmission and distribution systems, with a view to obtain adequate quality and reliability of the service, […]

Electricity quality assessment and diagnosis

The quality of the electric energy supplied to society is increasingly essential in the day-to-day life of energy companies and consumers. This is due to factors such as the increasing use of electronic devices and industrial systems that are more sensitive to variations in the quality parameters of the electricity supplied; the continuous search for […]

Wind Farm Solutions

soluções para parques eólicos

We offer technological services and consultancies in wind farms for the monitoring and management of assets, in the areas of the environment, electrical, mechanical, civil, and materials, giving support to the concessionaires for the best use of the generation potential, operational performance and longevity of the projects. ENVIRONMENTAL Environmental management of the enterprise; Studies of […]

Desenvolvimento de sistemas

O Lactec conta com uma equipe especializada no desenvolvimento de soluções multiplataforma e multilinguagem. Atuamos no planejamento de implantação de sistemas com metodologias específicas ou definidas pelo cliente. Confira alguns dos serviços disponíveis: Telemetria; Aplicativos para dispositivos móveis (Android, UWP e iOS); Softwares embarcados; Processamento de imagens, realidade aumentada e inteligência artificial; Integração entre sistemas […]


O Cartão BNDES é um produto que, baseado no conceito de cartão de crédito, visa financiar os investimentos das micro, pequenas e médias empresas (MPMEs), garantindo o seu desenvolvimento e modernização. Clientes do Lactec que desejam desenvolver produtos e processos de suas empresas, podem contar com esse benefício na contratação de calibrações e ensaios nas […]

Instituição Técnica Avaliadora

O Lactec atua como uma Instituição Técnica Avaliadora (ITA) desde dezembro de 2012. São a primeira ITA credenciada no Sul do Brasil pela Secretaria Nacional de Habitação do Ministério das Cidades. As instituições técnicas avaliadoras atuam em um dos projetos do Programa Brasileiro da Qualidade e Produtividade do Habitat (PBQP-H): o Sistema Nacional de Avaliação Técnica (SiNAT). Sua função […]

Instituição Técnica Avaliadora – Orientações

Os clientes que buscam a avaliação de seus materiais e métodos construtivos têm como objetivo final a aquisição do Documento de Avaliação Técnica (DATec). A aquisição do DATec depende de um processo que passa, primeiramente, pela existência de uma diretriz de análise no Sistema Nacional de Avaliação Técnica (SiNAT). A diretriz é uma espécie de […]

Instituição Técnica Avaliadora – Ensaios Realizados

A Instituição Técnica Avaliadora do Lactec oferece ensaios estruturais, ensaios de caracterização de materiais, ensaios de durabilidade e demais ensaios de desempenho de sistemas construtivos. Ensaio de caracterização de componentes; Resistência ao calor e choque térmico em paredes; Estanqueidade à água em paredes; Verificação da permeabilidade à água em paredes; Solicitação por peças suspensas, como […]

Análise e caracterização de produtos eletrônicos

O serviço técnico especializado voltado à análise de produtos eletrônicos compreende a verificação de similaridades e a caracterização dos produtos para apoio a clientes que possuem solicitações junto aos órgãos governamentais. Atividades desenvolvidas: Levantamento de características técnicas para formação do laudo técnico dos equipamentos eletrônicos; Testes para verificação de características específicas.   Em caso de […]

Simulações térmicas

Os serviços de simulação térmica submetem equipamentos eletrônicos a variações de elevada e reduzida temperatura para avaliação de seu desempenho. São feitas análises do comportamento a partir de modelos de componentes eletrônicos ou de dispositivos completos em situações específicas; além da verificação do valor da temperatura em componentes eletrônicos (câmera com visão infravermelha) em cada […]

Licenciamento e estudos ambientais

O Lactec elabora estudos ambientais para obtenção ou renovação de licenças de diferentes tipos de empreendimento, conforme exigências técnicas e legais dos órgãos ambientais. Além disso, orienta e acompanha o processo de licenciamento, elabora e executa programas de mitigação e compensação ambiental. Também presta consultoria para auditorias e perícias na área. Confira alguns dos serviços […]


O Lactec desenvolve, desde 2001, iniciativas estruturadas que permitem certificar produtos a pedido de seus clientes. A primeira dessas experiências foi o programa Qualicerti. Durante 10 anos, o programa deu subsídios e experiência de mercado que possibilitaram ao Lactec, em 2011, dar origem ao Organismo de Certificação de Produtos (OCP). Essa estrutura avalia a série […]


Empresas podem certificar seus produtos de duas formas, uma voluntária e outra compulsória. A certificação voluntária é aquela que não possui qualquer regulamentação de um órgão oficial. A decisão de certificar é do próprio solicitante com o objetivo de garantir a conformidade do seu produto por meio do atendimento aos requisitos mínimos estabelecidos em normas […]

Produtos Certificados

O Organismo de Certificação de Produto (OCP) do Lactec avalia os seguintes produtos: Artefatos de concreto, como postes, cruzetas, placas e âncoras; Conectores cunha e perfurantes; e Pára-raios de distribuição e transmissão de energia. Entre em contato conosco e solicite a certificação do seu produto

Serviços Técnicos Especializados

Eletricidade Medição de sistemas de aterramento e de sistema de proteção contra descargas atmosféricas Monitoramentos, medições e ensaios elétricos em campo Medição de qualidade de energia elétrica Estruturas Civis Supervisão e controle tecnológico de obras de infraestrutura Ensaios de caracterização e qualificação de produtos para construção civil Recuperação de estruturas de concreto através de injeção […]

Serviços Acreditados

Os Institutos Lactec são um organismo de Avaliação da Conformidade (OAC), que possuem alguns dos ensaios e calibrações acreditados* pela Coordenação Geral de Acreditação (Cgcre), segundo os critérios da Norma da ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17025:2005. 2º laboratório do Brasil apto a realizar todos os ensaios em bateriais automotivas e de motocicleta, segundo as determinações da portaria […]