Pioneers in research and development projects of the National Electrical Energy Agency (Aneel R&D), Lactec has accumulated more than 300 projects already concluded with energy concessionaires throughout the country.

Through the program, concessionary, permissionary or authorized companies of distribution, transmission, and generation of electric energy must apply annually a minimum percentage of their net operating revenue to the Electric Power Sector Research and Development Program. The intention is to encourage the constant search for innovations and to face the technological challenges of the electric sector.

The obligation in the application of these resources is provided for by law and in the concession contracts, and it is up to Aneel to regulate the investment in the program, monitor the implementation of the projects and evaluate their results. It also establishes guidelines and norms that regulate the elaboration of R&D projects.

The Aneel program works with investment themes, fully met by the expertise of Lactec researchers, masters and doctors. Know more:

  • Alternative sources of electricity generation
  • Thermoelectric Generation
  • Basin and Reservoir Management
  • Environment
  • Security
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Planning of Electric Power Systems
  • Electric Power Systems Operation
  • Supervision, Control and Protection of Electrical Power Systems
  • Quality and Reliability of Electric Power Services
  • Measuring, billing and tackling business losses

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