Lactec develops research to evaluate the performance of materials and innovative construction systems, improving and streamlining manufacturing processes, such as products, and construction systems. Lactec’s expertise serves, in particular, the inspection and technological control of large-scale works, such as dams and other structures of hydroelectric power plants.

Other cases are the monitoring and instrumentation of uneven ground with the use of optic fiber – existing buildings or interventions, such as gas pipelines and power transmission lines; surveys in degraded structures and remediation through the injection of resins and cement materials; accelerated tests to evaluate the durability of materials; study of physical and chemical improvement of soils; soil compaction and monitoring the performance of foundations. The service to our customers – either concessionaires, construction companies, public and private companies or even professionals – seeks to ensure the safety and integrity of civil works, in addition to suggesting actions that can generate savings through the study of materials, construction systems, and reduced models that seek to predict future behaviors.


Examples of some R&D projects developed at Lactec are:

  • Coelba – nationalization of underground substation distribution and protection panel and development of a constructive methodology for its civil structures;
  • Coelba – development and study of accessories for emergency care of civil structures in power distribution networks;
  • AES Eletropaulo – development of underground electrical power structures – service life in aggressive environments;
  • Copel Distribuição – development of a chamber and underground box construction system suitable for different types of soils.