Cyber security is a topic that is gaining more and more space in all sectors. Lactec’s extensive experience in the electrical sector includes the development of security-related research projects in smart grid projects.

In this business model, data transmissions between the concessionaire and the consumer take place in the cloud and extra layers of security are required to ensure efficiency, loss control and shield the system from inconsistencies or hacking actions.

Our clients can count on Lactec for the development of research focused on:

  • Security embedded in hardware;
  • Safety modules for embedded systems;
  • Security applications for low speed networks;
  • Development of applications in safe environments (SGX).


Among several other works in the area, Lactec, a pioneer in R&D for Aneel, has developed projects such as:

  • Development of interoperable intelligent network platform, integrating measurement and distribution automation systems and using digital certification to support the Smart Grid program;
  • System for energy management on the demand side associated with other services promoting the socialization of efficient consumption through the use of interactive multimedia channels integrated with the Platform and Concepts of the Smart Grid Program;
  • SecureCloud – Secure Big Data Processing in Untrusted Clouds: building and validating cloud computing systems for critical applications such as power metering.