Electric mobility is a trend that is not going away, and Lactec is ready to participate in this paradigm shift, supporting R&D projects with energy concessionaires, car manufacturers and other industrial partners.

Customers can count on Lactec for projects in areas such as:

    • Electro-stations for vehicles with slow, semi-fast and fast charge;
    • Management and communication in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT);
    • Nationalization of components, accessories and technologies aimed at the context of electric mobility;
    • Electrical supply infrastructure connected to smart grids.


Among several other works related to electric mobility, Lactec, a pioneer in R&D for Aneel, has developed projects such as:

    • Renewable source management system, distributed storage and rechargeable electric vehicles integrated in the Smart Grid platform;
    • Management and communication of electro-stations in the intelligent city of Búzios;
    • Research and development of national fast charger for electric vehicles.