The research line in energy planning models, simulates and analyses data from various sources in the areas of generation, transmission and distribution of the electricity sector with the objective of providing qualified information for decision making by the customer.

Lactec’s activities in this area include:

  • Energy trading;
  • Hydro-thermic Dispatch;
  • Time Series Forecast;
  • Optimization;
  • Non-linear programming;
  • Stochastic Hydrology;
  • Computational Intelligence;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Regulatory analysis.


Among several other works in the area, Lactec, a pioneer in R&D for Aneel, has developed projects such as:

  • Energy price forecasting and load seasonalization for auctions;
  • Intelligent selection of portfolios for wind projects and small hydroelectric plants;
  • Development of tariff review methodology for power plants under the quota regime – regulatory and engineering aspects;
  • Market forecasting methodology based on scenarios for the optimization of hiring in electric power auctions;
  • Improvement of the process of contracting the expansion of the generator park;
  • Implementation of a system for model coupling and telemetric information aimed at optimizing the operation of reservoirs in real time, with a focus on flood control;
  • Forecast of demand by bus using coupled map networks;
  • System development – chromatograph, methodology and software – for determining the concentration of PCBs in insulating liquids of high voltage electrical equipment;
  • Integrated Electricity Market Forecasting System;
  • Development of System for Digitization and Treatment of Limnigraphic Data of CESP’s Uses;
  • Optimization of hydrothermal dispatch through hybrid algorithms with high performance computing.