Lactec carries out research that helps environmental planning and management aiming at the sustainable development of productive activities, always with less impact on the environment. This work is carried out through the implementation of mathematical-computational models, surveys, monitoring, and diagnosis of changes in the physical, biotic, and anthropic means.

The activities carried out include the areas of hydraulics, hydrology, geosolutions, atmospheric emissions, and air quality, limnology and water quality, management and conservation of flora and fauna, environmental licensing, and waste and effluent management. The studies are developed by our researchers and engineers following the legal norms established by the competent environmental agencies.


Examples of R&D projects developed by Lactec include:

  • Implementation of a system for model coupling and telemetric information aimed at optimizing the operation of reservoirs in real-time, with a focus on flood control – P&D Aneel, Cemig, and Lactec;
  • Proposal of methodology for monitoring and evaluation of greenhouse gases in reservoirs of Brazilian hydroelectric power plants – P&D Aneel, Apine, and Lactec;
  • Development of a methodology for qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the impact of medium and high aggressive environments on the degradation of materials from aerial distribution networks installed in different regions of the State of Paraná – P&D Aneel, Copel, and Lactec;
  • Evaluation of the Efficiency of the Fish Ladder of the UHE Ilha dos Pombos – P&D Aneel, Light and Lactec;
  • Formation of biodiversity corridors through the recomposition of permanent preservation areas: a genetic analysis of the populations – P&D Aneel, Elejor, and Lactec;
  • Monitoring and prevention program for the introduction of the invasive mollusk Limnoperna fortunei (Golden Mussel) at Tractebel Energia hydroelectric power plants in the Iguaçu and Uruguay river basins – P&D Aneel, Tractebel, and Lactec.