Finep – Innovation and Research – is a public company linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). Its financial support covers all stages and dimensions of the scientific and technological development cycle: basic research, applied research, innovations, and development of products, services and processes.

Lactec is qualified to receive funds from these financial resources, working on research and development (R&D) projects linked to various programs and lines of Finep. Some of them are:

– Innovative Energy: with intelligent grid (smart grids) and ultra-high voltage transmission (UAT) projects, power generation through alternative sources, hybrid vehicles and vehicle energy efficiency.

 – Innovative Petro: projects that contemplate research, development, engineering, technological absorption, production and commercialization of products, processes and/or innovative services, seeking the development of Brazilian suppliers for the oil and natural gas industry production chain.

 – Innovative Sustainability: Its purpose is to coordinate actions to foster innovation and improve the integration of support instruments available for investments in the environment, such as sustainable production, recovery of Brazilian biomes and promotion of sustainable forest-based productive activities, environmental sanitation and environmental monitoring and prevention of natural disasters.

 – Innovative Telecom: coordinates actions to foster innovation and improves the integration of support instruments available for investments in the telecommunications sector, such as the development of technological solutions aimed at: optical communications, digital wireless communications, data transport networks, and strategic communications.

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