The information technology market has proven to be one of the most challenging in the field of research and development. This is because, in addition to the search for increasingly interactive products, the innovation demanded in solutions, systems, and applications require, in addition to great technical knowledge, agility in presenting results.

Lactec is a major partner in meeting these challenges, focusing on:

  • Software development for embedded systems, web, virtual and augmented reality, engineering systems, digital and encrypted certification, and geographic information, solutions for business automation and applications for mobile devices.
  • Design and user experience, where researchers are dedicated to planning and operationalizing user experience and usability research, evaluating industrialized systems and products, and researching and developing digital interface design.


Check out some of the R&D projects already developed by Lactec:

  • System development for management and dispatch of field teams;
  • Virtual reality system for training of live line maintenance technicians;
  • Virtual reality system for electric power substation expansion projects;
  • School Transportation Management System;
  • Process audit management system;
  • System for facial recognition authentication and biometric analysis;
  • System for access control and use in mobile devices;
  • Customization of the Android Operating System;
  • Development of processes for issuance of Electronic Invoice.