In 2005, the Law of the Good (Law no. 11,196/2005) instituted a series of changes in tax incentives for technological innovation, in addition to regulating the digital inclusion program and special taxation options for the platform for the export of information technology services (Repes) and acquisition of capital goods for exporting companies (Recap).

For Lactec and its partners, the interest in the Law of Good is the possibility of enjoying tax incentives in the promotion of technological innovation, through research and development (R&D) projects. Some of these incentives are:

– Reductions in income tax (IR) and net profit contribution (CSLL) of expenses incurred in R&D activities;

 – 50% reduction in the tax on industrialized products (IPI) on the purchase of equipment, machinery, devices, and instruments, as well as spare accessories and tools that accompany these goods, intended for research and technological development;

 – Reduction of 100% of the acquisition value of new equipment, machinery, devices, and instruments, in the same year of acquisition, intended for use in technological research and development activities of technological innovation, for the purpose of determining income tax (IR) and contribution on net profit (CSLL);

 – Total exemption of income tax withheld at source on transfers made overseas for the registration and maintenance of trademarks, patents and cultivars.

Incorporated to the Finep Inova Brasil financing line, it is also possible to obtain economic subsidies by hiring researchers, qualified as masters or doctors, employed in companies to carry out research, development, and technological innovation activities.

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