With an emphasis on materials, chemistry, mechanics and civil construction, the research dedicated to materials technologies is directed to the development, diagnosis, and their respective solutions, using methodologies, procedures, and tests for characterization, degradation analysis and aging of materials, both in the laboratory and in the field, being applied in electrical systems and the metal, ceramic, mechanical, oil and gas and civil construction industries.

Some of the lines of research involved are:

  • New metallic materials, ceramics (electrical, electrochemical and ionic insulators and conductors, cements and concretes), composites and polymers;
  • New insulating fluids;
  • New materials for the removal of gas and water contaminants;
  • New materials for the application in energy accumulators;
  • Nanomaterials, nanotechnologies and their properties as additives and additions in engineering materials;
  • Methodologies for the evaluation and monitoring of aging and degradation of materials in general;
  • Methodologies for the evaluation and monitoring of corrosion in concrete and metallic materials;
  • Methodologies for monitoring, evaluation, and quantification of insulating fluids (mineral and vegetable oils, polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs, SF6);
  • New technologies and materials for treatment, purification, and reuse of water, soil, insulating fluids, and lubricants.


The experience accumulated by Lactec allows it to serve its customers, generating solutions and projects or alerting them about the performance of a material, project, and product known and under development. Learn about some of our projects in this area:

  • Development of technology for performance evaluation of high voltage insulators in areas of high environmental aggressiveness – Lactec/Eletronorte;
  • Development of new protected network configuration for application in regions with high environmental aggressiveness – Lactec/Celesc;
  • Development of a thermally sensitive sensor prototype for diagnosis and monitoring of overheating in power distribution network connections – Lactec/Coelba;
  • Development of Intelligent Polymeric Insulator – Lactec/Copel;
  • Development of a methodology for qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the impact of medium and high aggressive environments on the degradation of materials from aerial distribution networks installed in different regions of the State of Paraná – Lactec/Copel;
  • Study and identification of alternatives to control the heating in the generating units of the Tucuruí Hydroelectric Power Station – Lactec/Eletronorte;
  • Development of physicochemical and dielectric methodologies for evaluating the condition of paper/oil insulation systems used in substation equipment – Lactec/CTEEP;
  • Development of methodology for corrective and preventive maintenance of medium voltage cables used in underground distribution networks – Lactec/Copel.
  • Study and development of concrete with mineral and photocatalytic cement mixtures for the reduction of greenhouse gases: application in reinforced structures of electric power distribution networks, with the trade name Ecopostes – Lactec/Coelba.
  • Development of Nonstick Nanometer Coatings for Porcelain Insulators of Distribution Networks (RDs) and Electrical Transmission – Lactec/Coelba.
  • Study and Development of Modular Polymeric Insulator for the Electric Power Distribution Network – Lactec/Coelba.
  • Development of serial head and validation of new composite materials used in boxes for electrical distribution meters based on natural fibers (sisal and coconut) – Lactec/Coelba.
  • Tropicalization of technology in the manufacture of modular poles made of composite material for emergency service of distribution lines up to 138 kV – Lactec/Coelba.
  • Environmental mapping to determine the degree of corrosivity and material degradation of overhead power distribution networks with corrective solutions – Lactec/Coelba.
  • Physic-chemical analysis and evaluation of the effects of water percolation on the Jordao River bypass dam. Study of ionic concentration in percolated water – Lactec/Copel.
  • Study, development, and evaluation of lightning rod components of new material based on SnO2 – Lactec/Copel.