Ecotoxicology (also called environmental toxicology) is the science that studies the toxic, qualitative, quantitative and integrated effects of natural or synthetic substances on living organisms, animals or plants, aquatic or terrestrial, including their interactions with the environment (TRUHAUT, 1977). Ecophysiology, in turn, is the study of the physiological adaptation of organisms to different environmental conditions, that is, it is the study of the influence that environmental factors have on an organism and its physiological processes, such as performance, growth, etc.

Lactec has a fully equipped laboratory and a highly specialized team to work in these areas and to develop experiments and tests, which allow the evaluation of sublethal changes, at different levels of the biological organization, as well as the effects of different environmental factors on the organisms. We can assist our customers in understanding the causes, effects and mechanisms of action of different pollutants or environmental changes on animal and plant organisms.


Area of action:

  • Evaluation of the health condition and cause of death of one or more species, given a given environmental condition;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Conducting bioassays to evaluate the effects of different compounds (metals, agrochemicals, drugs and pharmaceuticals, personal care and hygiene products, oils and derivatives, toxins, emerging contaminants, effluents, microplastics, among others) on aquatic biota;
  • Environmental impact assessment;
  • Evaluation of the effects of abiotic changes (pH, salinity, oxygen) and climate changes;
  • Assessment of water quality, sediments, soils, etc. on the health of the biota;
  • Establishment of water quality criteria, effluents, among others, on aquatic biota (toxicity tests);
  • Physiological, biochemical, histopathological, molecular and genotoxicity analyzes, through the evaluation of biomarkers;
  • Evaluation of sublethal changes at different levels of biological organization, providing a better understanding of the causes, effects and mechanisms of action of a given stressor (physical, chemical, biological);
  • Identification of risks of exposure of aquatic, semi-terrestrial and terrestrial organisms to different substances and/or their mixtures;
  • Study of the entry and destination of contaminants in biological chains and their forms of transfer in the food chain;
  • Qualitative and quantitative study of the toxic effects of contaminants on the ecosystem.


Services in progress:

  • Ecotoxicological Diagnosis of Damage Resulting from the Fundão Dam Breakdown in the Rio Doce Basin and Adjacent Coastal Region, Federal Public Ministry – Attorney’s Office in Minas Gerais (2017 – 2020).
  • Qualification and quantification of metals and semimetals in fish from the fishing prohibition area – region between Barra do Riacho, in Aracruz, and Degredo/Ipiranguinha, in Linhares, Federal Public Ministry – Attorney’s Office in Minas Gerais (2019 – 2020).


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