The quality of the electric energy supplied to society is increasingly essential in the day-to-day life of energy companies and consumers.

This is due to factors such as the increasing use of electronic devices and industrial systems that are more sensitive to variations in the quality parameters of the electricity supplied; the continuous search for energy efficiency; and the connection of highly non-linear systems to the National Interconnected System (SIN), such as wind generation complexes, photovoltaic complexes and steel mill.

Thus, the analyzes are no longer referring only to the availability or continuity of the energy service, but also to the quality of the product being delivered. When it comes to connecting multiple sources of power generation, there is also a growing demand for assessing the impact of connecting such systems to the electric network.

Lactec, aware of these issues, in addition to carrying out numerous researches in the sector, provides specialized technical services in:

  • Measurements and evaluation of the quality of electric power in industrial plants in accordance with the technical requirements of Prodist Module 8 and the procedures of Sub-Module Network 2.8;
  • Evaluation of the access of new installations to the National Interconnected System (SIN) regarding the quality of electric energy. Such evaluation consists of field measurement campaigns as well as computational modeling and studies in accordance with that presented in sub-modules 2.8 and 3.6 of the Network Procedures of the National Electric System Operator (NSO).
  • Projects and specification of mitigating solutions for electricity quality problems detected.

Lactec has extensive experience in assessing the impact of electricity quality on generation complexes using alternative sources, such as wind and photovoltaic.

It has conducted several measurement campaigns and computational studies for large complexes across Brazil.


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