Electrical grounding results from the need to protect against damage caused by lightning strikes and the dissipation of accumulated static electricity. Therefore, the connection to the earth has a fundamental role in the correct operation of the energy generation, transmission and distribution systems, with a view to obtain adequate quality and reliability of the service, with safe performance of the protection system and mainly under the aspect compliance with personal and property security levels.

Facing new technologies in the electric sector, with the increasingly frequent use of sensitive electronic equipment, grounding requires great attention.

In this sense, Lactec offers specialized technical services such as:

  • Survey of surface potentials and compliance with minimum safety requirements;
  • Identification of connection problems in substation equipment (SEs) in energized installations;
  • Studies of protection systems against lightning and high frequency grounding.

In addition, Lactec also conducts research and development projects in the area, evaluating the performance of new grounding technologies; analyzes for protection against lightning strikes and high frequency electrical grounds; modeling of the electrical system and analysis of safety requirements to define solutions; study of new techniques for measuring and minimizing personal risks in the inspection of grounding systems; and development of special technological solutions.

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