The hydrological and hydrodynamic studies carried out by Lactec guide the preparation of feasibility reports and dam projects. Also included are studies of inundation and floods caused by natural phenomena or rupture of dams, considering the forecast and regionalization of flows for use in scarce data locations.

  • Studies for the construction of dams and the location of different hydraulic works;
  • Preparation of Emergency Action Plan (PAE) for power plants, click to learn more;
  • Mathematical modeling of flows in rivers and reservoirs;
  • Development of flow propagation models;
  • Modeling of sediment production in watersheds and silting;
  • Flood forecasting;
  • Studies of determination of liquid discharge and solid discharge;
  • Regionalization studies of hydrological variables;
  • PMP and CMP studies (Maximum Probable Precipitation and Maximum Probable Flood);
  • Statistical study of hydrological variables;
  • Reservoir backwater study.

Check out the video demonstrating these studies.

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