Maintaining an enterprise requires continuous monitoring. Lactec offers a series of monitoring services that combine high technical capacity and cutting edge technology to assist your company in asset management.

Check it out:

  • Analysis of failures in mechanical components;
  • Monitoring of operation of transformers and detection of partial discharges by acoustic emission (AE);
  • Extensometry tests, strain measurement, residual stresses, and stress calculation in up to 48 simultaneous channels;
  • Monitoring of structures in the field using the Acoustic Emission (AE) technique in up to 96 simultaneous channels;
  • Monitoring of mechanical vibration in structures in the field in up to 12 simultaneous channels;
  • Hydrogenerator tests;
  • Pressure vessel tests, inspections, and adjustments, according to NR-13;
  • Hydrostatic and pneumatic tests in pressure vessels with or without monitoring by Acoustic Emission (AE);
  • Monitoring of pressure vessel operation and leak detection in valves and accessories by Acoustic Emission (EA);
  • Thickness measurements and inspection of welds by ultrasound;
  • Monitoring and analysis of geotechnical and structural integrity of structures;
  • Analysis of lubricating oils;
  • Specification and monitoring of hydrogenerator welding procedures.


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