Lactec has a team with experience in preparing Dam Safety Plans and Emergency Action Plans (PAE) for hydraulic dams, requirements of the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel).

In general, Dam Safety Plans must present the work proposed by the company to avoid failures from monitoring the structure. PAEs, on the other hand, allow that, in the event of a dam rupture, the measures and consequences for the municipalities that are part of the region where the plants are installed are foreseen.

The plan development project is preceded by stages of document evaluation, visual inspection and description of existing structures; cartographic mapping; climatology, geomorphology and local hydrology studies; study of dam rupture and flood wave propagation scenarios; detection, evaluation, classification and expected actions for each level of response and analysis of the monitoring instrumentation.

Lactec also performs inspections of structures that make up the dams with instruments for measuring parameters that may indicate a possibility of rupture.

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