Lactec has recognized experience in developing technologies for the recovery of concrete structures with the application of polymeric materials. This application assists in the recovery of resistance (bearing capacity) and tightness of large structures subject to infiltrations caused by concrete failure.

The injection service of polyurethane, cementitious, epoxy and acrylic resins in reinforced concrete structures is a versatile and effective way to seal, with good performance and reliability, infiltrations of water and other products, interrupting the action of aggressive agents that cause corrosion of the structure.

Recommended for use in locations with hydrostatic pressure, the polymeric material has a flexible property that allows its application in structures that undergo movement, without the need to interrupt the operating system, being carried out even with the structure under load.

Polyurethane (PU) Injection

Treatment with flexible polyurethane resin can be applied to concrete structures subject to variations in their dimensions, either by retraction or expansion, with an increase or decrease in crack opening, without loss of tightness. Filling with elastic material applied under pressure blocks the flow of water with definitive flexible sealing.

Some of the products used:

  • Hydroactivated polyurethane foam for buffering;
  • Flexible polyurethane gel for sealing injection;
  • Rigid polyurethane for structural injection;
  • Acrylic resin for sealing injection;
  • Polymeric acrylic resin for sealing injection.

Cement Injections

The injection of cementitious materials serves to recover the bearing capacity of concrete structures. It can be applied to passive cracks, without movement and without water flow, to protect and solidify concrete elements or contact them with rock faces.

Some of the products used:

  • Cementitious grouts;
  • Microcement for structural injection.

Epoxy Injections

Epoxy resins have good adhesion and good mechanical and chemical resistance, maintaining its properties in a wide variety of means, even those with high moisture content, to recover the bearing capacity of concrete structures.

Some of the products used:

  • Epoxy resin;
  • Moisture insensitive epoxy resin;
  • Ultrafine epoxy resin.

Other Services

Lactec also performs all the necessary procedures for injection services.

  • Surface cleaning of cracks;
  • Injection points location;
  • Installation of injection nozzles;
  • Resin injection;
  • Nozzle removal.


See some works handled by the Lactec technical team:

  • Governador Bento Munhoz da Rocha Hydroelectric Plant (UHE) – Foz do Areia;
  • Governador José Richa Hydroelectric Plant (UHE) – Salto Caxias;
  • Governador Pedro Viriato Parigot de Souza Hydroelectric Plant (UHE) – GPS;
  • Hydroelectric Ney Braga Plant (UHE) – Segredo;
  • Small Hydroelectric (PCH) Linha Emília – RS;
  • Small Hydroelectric (PCH) Cotiporã – RS.

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