Lactec performs special electrical tests on high voltage electrical equipment in the field. This allows the diagnosis of incipient faults as a support to the preventive maintenance process by providing data on the status and remaining life of the equipment.

In addition, it performs measurements of electrical quantities that require specific technology in relation to the characteristics of the signal to be measured, whether of the impulsive or continuous type, of low or high amplitude and with a wide frequency spectrum in a hostile electromagnetic environment in a field situation.

Check out some of the main specialized technical services performed:

  • Voltage tests applied at an industrial frequency (60 Hz) in SF6 gas isolated substations;
  • Measurement of partial discharges (UHF method) in isolated gas substations, transformers and other equipment;
  • Measurements of electric and magnetic fields to comply with Aneel Normative Resolution No. 398, which determines the limits of human exposure to electric and magnetic fields originating from electric power generation, transmission and distribution facilities;
  • Calibration of energy meters in the field (measurement for billing);
  • Electrical commissioning/routine tests: insulation power factor, insulation resistance, ohmic resistance, transformation ratio, etc;
  • Special electrical tests on electrical equipment and systems: frequency response, moisture content of the insulating paper, among others.

Lactec also conducts research and development projects in the area, including the development of infrastructure to allow the performance of special tests and measurements. The system is composed of sensors, dividers, attenuators, filters, buffers and sources, composing measurement systems with special characteristics to be coupled to the instrumentation with the respective software developed specially for each case. Another aspect related to R&D is the verification of the results of special tests as to their effectiveness, allowing the customer to better understand and use the data obtained.


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