Lactec has a multidisciplinary and highly trained team, which seeks to apply and adapt the best methods to each case, assisting in the preparation of expertise and technical assistance for the different institutions of the Judiciary.

Our team acts in response to the needs indicated in the document of the Federal Public Ministry entitled “Valuation of Damage in Matters of Environment and Cultural Heritage”, which describes: “… in the context of the civil investigation, the expertise must be guided by formulating clear and objectives with a view to ascertaining, among others, (i) the determination of the severity of the damage, describing the harmful consequences on all components of the environment (water, soil, vegetation, air, among others), as well as on the uses and services environmental effects that each of these components provided or could provide both to human beings and to the ecosystem itself (use and non-use values)…, it being convenient that the expertise should be carried out by qualified technicians and that there is, preferably, multidisciplinary training and interdisciplinary work. ”

Area of action:

  • Judicial expertise and technical assistance in the environmental area
  • Diagnosis of socio-environmental damage arising from disasters
  • Social and environmental damage recovery and compensation plan
  • Monitoring of damage and environmental recovery in physical and biological matrices
  • Economic valuation of socio-environmental damage


► Performance with:

  • MPF – PRMG
  • MPF – PR Linhares
  • MPF – PR Colatina
  • MPMG
  • MPF – PRSP
  • MPES – Santos
  • MPPR – Curitiba


Services performed:

  • PERICIAL REPORT – recovery plan for the degraded area, relevant to heavy metal contamination, 2011, Federal Justice of Paraná.
  • PERICIAL REPORT – Investigation of the causes of flooding in the municipality, those responsible for the event and carrying out a survey of environmental, property and public health damage, 2016, Court of Justice of Amapá – Ferreira Gomes County.


Services in progress:

  • Socioenvironmental Diagnosis of the Damage Resulting from the Fundão Dam Breakdown in the Rio Doce Basin and the Adjacent Coastal Region, including economic valuation of the damages and technical advice to the MPF, 2020, Federal Public Ministry – Attorney of the Republic in Minas Gerais.
  • Qualification and quantification of metals and semimetals in fish from the fishing prohibition area – region between Barra do Riacho, in Aracruz, and Degredo/Ipiranguinha, in Linhares, 2020, Federal Prosecutor’s Office – Attorney’s Office in Minas Gerais.
  • Coordination of the Technical Commission and execution of the investigation of possible losses suffered by fishing communities off the coast of São Paulo due to damage to the ichthyofauna. Public Ministry of the State of São Paulo and Federal Public Ministry.


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