Lactec has been engaged in the construction of large hydraulic projects since 1975, when it collaborated in the construction of the Foz do Areia Hydroelectric Plant, with an installed capacity of 2,500 MW, located on the Iguaçu River, in Paraná. Through Owner’s Engineering (EP), Lactec provides trained technical teams to act in technological control and inspection, in addition to the support of its laboratory, located in Curitiba. It is in this structure that special tests necessary for the investigation and qualification of different types of materials used in works are carried out.

Main areas of expertise

  • Control and inspection of civil works such as hydroelectric plants;
  • Execution of laboratory analysis with the latest equipment and technologies;
  • Instrumentation of large civil works with fiber optic technology, measuring deformation, temperature, water level, and others;
  • Execution of repairs in concrete structures, using the technology of injection of polymeric materials under pressure.

Some of the Services Provided

  • Technological laboratory control of materials such as cement, water, aggregates, additions, additives, joint sealing, polymers, steel, etc., according to Brazilian, North American and European technical standards, aiming to meet the technical specification of each work;
  • Supervision of the production, launching and densification procedures, as well as the control activities of the tests carried out on concrete and its constituent materials, performed in the laboratory and the field;
  • Analysis of projects and solutions for quality improvement and cost reduction, based on statistical control, supporting adjustments and optimization of concrete traces;
  • Quality control and characterization of the materials used in the compaction of soils, rockfills, filters, and transitions, in addition to the inspection of the execution in the field through tactile-visual control, observing mainly the type of material released, its uniformity and humidity, the occurrence of laminations, the homogeneity of the landfill and the connection between layers through trenches/inspection points.
  • Quality control of landfill compaction in soils based on the statistical monitoring of the tests employed: Hilf, Proctor-Hilf, sand flask, plastic membrane, and CBR;
  • Audit of the quality system of the construction company, verifying its effectiveness during the work, analyzing and issuing opinions on the reports of the technological control of the used and issued materials.


Meet some of Lactec’s clients in the construction of roller compacted concrete (CCR) dams, conventional vibrated concrete (CCV), soils and rockfills:

  • 2011/2014: Colíder Hydroelectric Plant (UHE) (Teles Pires River – MT) – Copel
  • 2009/2012: Mauá Hydroelectric Plant (UHE) (Tibagi River – PR) – Copel
  • 2006/2009: Salto Pilão Hydroelectric Plant (UHE) (Itajaí River – Açu -SC) – Camargo Corrêa
  • 2005/2007: Castro Alves Hydroelectric Plant (UHE) (Rio das Antas – RS) – Camargo Corrêa
  • 2003/2006: Fundão Hydroelectric Plant (UHE) (Jordão River – PR) – Construtora Triunfo
  • 1995/2000: Salto Caxias Hydroelectric Plant (UHE) (Iguaçu River – PR) – Copel